My first piece of Veronica Gritsenko’s lacquerware

It is the very first lacquerware which I acquired from Veronica Gritsenko when I visited her studio in Bagan. It was stunningly beautiful with these indigo incised patterns on the lacquered surface of… Continue reading

Veronica Gritsenko’s Lacquerware at SOIL

SOIL is proud to present a rare collection of Veronica Gritsenko in Hong Kong. She has become our mentor, friend and partner that we share the passion about preserving the art of lacquerware… Continue reading

Painted in Peng Chau

坪洲曾是一個繁盛的工業小島。在60至70年代,島上建有東南亞最大的火柴廠以及林林種種的工廠包括木器、船塢、皮革等, 不少的輕工業如燈泡製造、籐織、手工藝也非常蓬勃。全盛時期林超先生的超記瓷器廠聘有30多工人都以手繪花碗為生。 Peng Chau Island was once a thriving industrial powerhouse. In the 60s and 70s, the largest factory in Southeast Asia for making matches began to establish in the northwestern coast of… Continue reading

Asian Folkcraft

our joint venture with Mountain Folkcraft

Handbuilding from a slab of clay

I made this plate with a slab of clay. The process of making it is the most satisfying as you discover what you hands can create. Handbuilding techniques are always seemingly straight-forward tasks.… Continue reading

Little treasure from Kanazawa

This little lacquer box was delicately decorated with a crane in silver on a cinnabar red background. Something I found most interesting were a few ivory picks inside. I read later from a… Continue reading

Traditional Weaving

Perhaps Burma is not the only place in the world which is still doing weaving in the most ancient way……..But when I saw women who were weaving skillfully yet gracefully with a smile… Continue reading

my tea pots…

A pot can be divided by different parts: the body, the lid, the spout and the handle. The most difficult is to make each of these parts separately and to put them altogether.… Continue reading

Where there is no plastic

Where there is no plastic: You can just see things made by coconut, bamboo, clay, shell, wood, leaves….from our nature. Pictured in Burma

Lacquerware making in Fuzhou