This is how we started …

We know each other for 20 years. (ya?  I don’t really notice this number before this note)
It’s at the beginning of our career.
As most of friendship, we go on our own path — career, family, study…
We don’t meet a lot, yet we are in contact from time to time.
We both learn ceramics as a hobby.
And probably it’s our common interest on arts and craft that put us together.

There is an idea in our mind and heart for some time.
Probably each of us doesn’t have the courage and determination to try that out on our own.
Cause arts and craft is something so “uncommercial” in this city.
It’s not something sexy and being appreciated by most people.
But somehow we are both attracted by it.

In one day, we talked about the idea on how to apply design to rejuvenate craft.
We want to preserve something valuable and enable it to sustain to nowadays living.
That’s how we start this interesting journey.
We travelled to Fuzhou and Burma to understand Lacquer.
We start to connect with our friends in arts and design circle.
As the process goes on, more opportunities unfold.
More people helping us — Benny, Chris, So Hing, Yokky, Denise …the list goes on.

SOIL is a pet project started by two of us.
It’s a journey we try to share our love of craft to more people.
No matter what the result turns out,
let’s remember the fun and joy in our journey to discover craft!

Thanks Benny for taking this very happy photo for us!
It was taken in our trip to Bagan to visit lacquer workshops.
Su said we look silly in the photo.
I think we are, cause if not, we probably won’t have the courage to try out this project.

Venus ~