An antique of the future by Black Elephant Studio in Bagan


SOIL is glad to present a special collection of Black Elephant lacquerware at our first pop up shop. These items are available in Hong Kong for the first time.

Black Elephant studio was established by Veronica Gritsenko in 1999.  Veronica is a British-Ukrainian artist and scholar. She came across Burmese culture in London, having met a Buddist monk in 1995. She then visited Burma with him and fell in love with this extraordinary and beautiful country.

Veronica was in both marvel and sorrow that the beautiful and ancient lacquer art was in decline. She set up the Black Elephant studio in Bagan and eventually developed her own unique technique and designs based on ancient methods and materials.  Black Elephant lacquerware is incredibly strong and that will last for a very long time and become an antique of the future.

Veronica has been invited to lecture at the British Museum and Asia House in London and Asia Society in New York.  She has also been collaborating with Julia Hutt of Victoria & Albert museum in writing a series of articles and a book comprising these years of research and achievements.

In 2007 Veronica established the Institute for Traditional Bagan Lacquer to help preserve the lacquer art for future generations.