Burmese Crafts: Past and Present by Sylvia Fraser-Lu,1994

This was probably the first book that I came cross when I got to know more about Burmese crafts. It is truly magnificent and I highly recommend.  Sylvia Fraser-Lu travelled extensively in Asia over the last 30 years (including a few years in Hong Kong). She introduces the wide scope and beauty of Burmese crafts in this book.  She explores the historical background, traditions, religions, and different cultural aspects of Burma.  The book presents a systematic survey of the evolution of Burma’s major crafts, such as bronze and ironwork, wooden architecture, wood-carving, gold, silver, and jewelry, ceramics, lacquer, textiles and costume, books, paper, baskets, mats, and umbrellas. It’s absolutely a good guide for anyone who would like to understand Burmese crafts. It is always a delight to read.