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Veronica Gritsenko’s Lacquerware at SOIL

SOIL is proud to present a rare collection of Veronica Gritsenko in Hong Kong. She has become our mentor, friend and partner that we share the passion about preserving the art of lacquerware… Continue reading

Painted in Peng Chau

坪洲曾是一個繁盛的工業小島。在60至70年代,島上建有東南亞最大的火柴廠以及林林種種的工廠包括木器、船塢、皮革等, 不少的輕工業如燈泡製造、籐織、手工藝也非常蓬勃。全盛時期林超先生的超記瓷器廠聘有30多工人都以手繪花碗為生。 Peng Chau Island was once a thriving industrial powerhouse. In the 60s and 70s, the largest factory in Southeast Asia for making matches began to establish in the northwestern coast of… Continue reading

Asian Folkcraft

our joint venture with Mountain Folkcraft

SOIL at Square Street

After a few months preparation, our little craft store has now been open. We are so grateful to Edith (Cloth Haven) for allowing us to share her studio space at Square Street in… Continue reading

Time is a river

“Time is a river. It will not wait and it depends how you live with it.”


A first step on the long road of reconciliation.. Vincenzo took these photos in a refuges camp along Thai-Burma border. The camp’s residents have been stuck for almost thirty years in a small… Continue reading

“Burmese Days – A Timeline”

At last, this exhibition has come to reality! It has brought so much fond memories of our trip to Burma. Thanks to three artists Chris Lo, Benny Lau and Chau So-hing for sharing… Continue reading

Hsun Ok

In Burma, the most graceful lacquer ceremonial vessel is the Hsun-ok, used for centuries to carry gifts of food as offerings to the Buddhist monasteries. Hsun-ok is usually made of lightweight wood and… Continue reading

Craftopia, a crafty way to help

Craftopia is a community project advocated by Benny Lau who is best recognized as a graphics designer, an illustrator as well as a product designer. In recent years, Benny has been engaged more… Continue reading


Hosted by YY9 Gallery, in collaboration with SOIL, an exhibition “Burmese Days – A Timeline” will be held on 14 September – 13 October 2012. We feel proud to present the works by… Continue reading