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Handbuilding from a slab of clay

I made this plate with a slab of clay. The process of making it is the most satisfying as you discover what you hands can create. Handbuilding techniques are always seemingly straight-forward tasks.… Continue reading

my tea pots…

A pot can be divided by different parts: the body, the lid, the spout and the handle. The most difficult is to make each of these parts separately and to put them altogether.… Continue reading


Hosted by YY9 Gallery, in collaboration with SOIL, an exhibition “Burmese Days – A Timeline” will be held on 14 September – 13 October 2012. We feel proud to present the works by… Continue reading

Our first ever pop up shop

We’re proud to host our first-ever pop up shop, bringing together crafts from independent artists and designers based in Hong Kong. A special collection of lacquerware from Burma will also be featured. Our… Continue reading