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My first piece of Veronica Gritsenko’s lacquerware

It is the very first lacquerware which I acquired from Veronica Gritsenko when I visited her studio in Bagan. It was stunningly beautiful with these indigo incised patterns on the lacquered surface of… Continue reading

Handbuilding from a slab of clay

I made this plate with a slab of clay. The process of making it is the most satisfying as you discover what you hands can create. Handbuilding techniques are always seemingly straight-forward tasks.… Continue reading

Little treasure from Kanazawa

This little lacquer box was delicately decorated with a crane in silver on a cinnabar red background. Something I found most interesting were a few ivory picks inside. I read later from a… Continue reading

my tea pots…

A pot can be divided by different parts: the body, the lid, the spout and the handle. The most difficult is to make each of these parts separately and to put them altogether.… Continue reading