Our journey

SOIL, established in Spring 2012, aims to offer a new perspective and experience to crafts, through design research, cultural projects and spontaneous retail opportunities.  SOIL’s visual identity, designed by Ken Lo, simulated the… Continue reading

original design: SOIL x Chau So-hing

After sunset…. Fly me to the moon Let me play among the stars Limited edition lacquerware design by Chau So-hing

World Textiles

Silk from China, cottons from India, dyes from South America…this book written by Mary Schoeser presentes a chronological survey of textiles around the world from prehistory to the present day, exploring how they… Continue reading

Chinese folk arts

Chinese folk arts are evident in everyday food, clothing, and shelter, traditional festivals, ceremonies and rituals, and in beliefs and taboos. They provide an illustrated introduction to the history and developments of the… Continue reading

SOIL at Square Street

After a few months preparation, our little craft store has now been open. We are so grateful to Edith (Cloth Haven) for allowing us to share her studio space at Square Street in… Continue reading

Something Old, Something New

Everything has its own beauty, If, we are willing to discover. Sometimes, an old object values beyond the others, That its presence indicates how people lived and created in the past. As the… Continue reading

Simple beauty

Simple beauty from everything natural – materials, colors and hand made… Everyone of them is unique and has a character.

A rare collection of green lacquerware

This rare collection of green lacquerware were brought from a family-run workshop in Burma that still insists making traditional lacquerware in an ancient way and their techniques have been passed from one generation… Continue reading

These are not designer’s chairs

I saw these chairs in one of the pagodas. I guess they are just very ordinary objects to local people. I like them because they’re unpretentious, minimal and simple. And I found them… Continue reading

Horse Hair Lacquer Cup

This was the first lacquer cup that I bought during my first trip to Burma. The cup is woven by horse hair and bamboo.  As shown, different colors and layers of lacquer are… Continue reading